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What Is A Cover Crop?

A cover crop is a crop that is planted in order to combat issues such as soil erosion, soil moisture, pests, crop diseases, and more. Cover crops play an important role in improving the health of an agro-ecosystem, which is a human-managed ecosystem used to produce food, fiber, or animal feed. You could do any combination on Cover Crop, give us a call, we can help you choose for the best results, you want to have.



What is Buckwheat ?

Buckwheat is raised for grain where a short season is available, either because it is used as a second crop in the season, or because the climate is limiting. Buckwheat can be a reliable cover crop in summer to fit a small slot of warm season. It establishes quickly, which suppresses summer weeds.Buckwheat has a growing period of only 10–12 weeks and it can be grown in high latitude or northern areas. It grows 30 to 50 inches (75 to 125 cm) tall.


Buckwheat Uses

Despite its name, buckwheat actually doesn’t contain any wheat or the protein gluten. Buckwheat is a member of the polygonaceae family of plants and completely unrelated to grains that do contain gluten, like wheat, barley or rye. For this reason, it’s used in many gluten-free baked items to add bulk and nutrients without causing allergens or digestive issues.

Fixation Balansa Clover


What's Fixation Balansa Clover?

Fixation Balansa Clover Seed is an annual clover with white blossoms and hollow stems. Great for cover crop or forage use. Low seeding rate makes this an economical choice on a cost per acre basis.


Help fix nitrogen

Suppress weeds

Excellen digestibility

High yield


Can I use Fixation Balansa Clover for my horses?

Yes, clover can be a desirable feed source for most horses whether used in pasture or in hay because it provides useful energy and acceptable protein and fiber. Clover also is a natural Nitrogen builder for soil, eliminating the need or expensive and environmentally detrimental chemical Nitrogen fertilizers. Make sure that the seed mix is not more than 10% clovers, after all, grass is a horse's natural diet.

Cleaning Non-GMO Soybeans

Soybeans need special care during cleaning process.

MPM Seeds has the Best technology to special cleaning soybeans without break the seeds and keep all in perfect conditions as it should be! Thank you for watching our video!